Thank Your Local Archivist!

amst3683, Phil Ochs

When I think of archivists I think of Being John Malkovich when they are in that odd floor specially designed for little people and a greasy John Cusack with extra dexterous fingers from his puppetry.  Are archivists the super nerds with night vision who dwell in caves of file cabinets? Probably not.  Are they impassioned scholars who gain an odd satisfaction from the highest levels of organization?  I hope so.


Edits, Edits, Edits…

amst3683, Phil Ochs

The Wikipedia Edit exercise was challenging in numerous ways.  Being the first real project of the course it was an intimidating start.  It was especially daunting knowing that my edits will be viewed by countless people who may be interested in these rare Phil Ochs albums.

Race and Place? More like Sad and Bad.


The site I visited was “Race and Place: An African American Community in the Jim Crowe South” .  I was drawn to the site by the title as it brought back reading and analyzing The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead for class last semester.  I wondered if it was related to one of the protagonists stops or if Whitehead himself could have possibly visited the page in his research.