Here’s to the State of My Grades



As the semester comes to an end (thank god), it has been fun reflecting on my take away from the class.  While I don’t believe I am now ready to start my own website and take over the world with my media skills, I think I developed an even more important skill- problem solving.

This class was challenging in a lot of different ways and coming into it, I somehow had the idea that it would be less work than any other Takacs class, I was mistaken.  This class was notorious from my classmates for throwing curveballs left and right.  If you weren’t trouble shooting a different software you were cursing at you’re computer for somehow deleting your whole project 15 minutes before its due.  dawson

Working with technology is frustratingly unreliable which sucks, but it is worse when you have you’re whole class is relying on you to come through with your piece of the puzzle.  Being able to troubleshoot a problem rather than crumpling to a ball on the floor is pretty useful, believe it or not, so without further ado-

The Don’ts of Digital Humanities


3 thoughts on “Here’s to the State of My Grades

  1. Be the task master!!! I would be lying if I said this was the first time I saw your infographic, since we stayed up until ungodly hours together working in a room full of craft supplies but I will say this: I enjoyed working with you this semester. Thanks for the laughs, tears and shoulder shrugs. We did it.

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