Draft Dodgin’


Wow, surprise I actually really enjoyed this project!  Although not everything went my way for it, I was able to throw something together that I’m actually relatively proud of.  This process was really interesting in the different resources one can use to create a film.

I started by borrowing a GoPro camera from the library and taking it out to film some b-roll.  I went downtown to get the usual shots for a video about folk music, the historic theaters and the Guthrie Center.  After that I met up with a friend who was of age during the Vietnam War.  He invited me to his buddy’s house who was also around his age in the 60’s.  My plan was to interview them for my film and hear the different stories of their experiences involved with the draft. However, when I got there and started filming our conversations the GoPro was losing battery.  In the GoPro kit there was supposed to be a cord that charges the camera, there was a cord but it wasn’t the right kind to charge the camera or connect it to a computer.

My plan after that realization was to try and find a cord that connects the camera to upload the video, but I couldn’t.  After that I just took a leap of faith and googled “free online video creator” and came across animatron.com which had  a program called wave.video that you could use to create a video.  This software was awesome, it had a huge collection of free videos, images and audio which you could easily figure out how to put together to create a simple film.  One of the only issues I had with wave.video was that it only allowed for one line of audio, like I couldn’t layer my voiceover with an audio provided.  This led me back to my old nemesis, AUDACITY.  Luckily I already had the experience of using Audacity to record and upload the voice over from my phone and then download a folksy sounding song from a free online audio database.  I layered them in audacity and uploaded it onto wave.video to get around the single line of audio problem.

I guess my other issue with wave.video would be that in order to produce higher quality videos without a watermark or videos longer than two minutes you have to pay like $60 a month.  The service is geared toward companies looking to create videos for marketing on social media so I guess I can see how that price might be appropriate for them, but not a student.  Other than those two things, I would totally recommend this service to create a simple video to another student in a pinch, but unless you’re willing to pay, I wouldn’t use it for much else.

Lastly, I’m going to do a little bit of shameless self promotion with a video I was the subject of.  My cousin was selected for a short documentary incubator for young latinx filmmakers. The prompt was ‘if you could make a film about anything in the US or Mexico, what story would you tell?’ and she chose me and my work on progressive campaigns in Oklahoma.  She did an amazing job because she actually was able to make me sound smart and interesting!


2 thoughts on “Draft Dodgin’

  1. Well that is an awesome video. You should make sure you have a copy and can trot it out when you go for your next job interview…It’s the sort of thing you want people to google you for and find.

    In re your own video, what sources are you using to inform the narrative?


  2. I got overwhelmed at the thought of doing a video. I admire that you did it and did it well. I never would have thought to mix the music and voice somewhere else and then add them back in as one. Quick problem solving.


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