Putting the Gross in Terry Gross




I have never felt more like my dad than I have trying to use audacity.  I was having such an old white dude refusing to ask for directions every moment throughout the whole process.  As an avid podcast listener, I was really excited to work on this project.  I kind of romanticized the process of creating this recording and thought it would be more intuitive.  I really wanted to be as poignant as Terry Gross.

Working with Audacity wasn’t as intuitive as I had anticipated.  I think in the future it would be better to spend more class and instruction time on how to use audacity rather than how to interview well or how to make yourself sound interesting.  I did appreciate the lab time though to work on these. For me, the interface of Audacity was so frustrating that it actually brought me to tears.  Additionally, having a better space to record the audio would have been nice too, but that’s kind of a perfect world scenario.  Also, I can’t speak for Rachel but I can say for myself, I don’t love public speaking.  I think our recording sounds scripted, because it was, and it was written like a paper, because that’s what I write.  I think another perfect world scenario would be to talk with people who have the confidence to speak well about a subject they are the authorities on.

I will say throughout this frustration I definitely  have a better respect for the folks producing the podcasts I listen to so frequently, however, maybe I won’t be making that true crime podcast my friend and I have talked about doing.


4 thoughts on “Putting the Gross in Terry Gross

  1. Ah, well, podcasting may be a little easier than doing an audio story of this sort. For one thing, you won’t need to mix so many clips together. For another, there are now easy to use phone apps that can help you podcast (Try Anchor: https://anchor.fm/, for both iphone and Android). Would better planning of the story have helped with the editing, or do you think this was purely a technical competence issue?


    1. I think it was probably a combination. I’m going to blame more the usability of audacity a little more though, just because although it is free, you can tell. I think if I were to explore this a little more I would want to pay for something that works better or is more intuitive.


  2. You all took a very informative approach to the podcast. I liked your discussion topics you guys had nice transition questions too. Overall I think you all did a nice job of conveying who Phil Ochs is and why it matters, especially for someone who had never heard of him.


  3. I felt your frustration with the editing. There were several times I found myself with fistfuls of hair and wanting to scream! In the end I think you two created a fairly good product. Maybe not Terry Gross yet but it’s a good start.


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